About Jill

Frox was born in 2003 with my desire to be close to home and be part of my small town.

I wanted to build a community of strong, empowered, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. My vision was to support, educate, entertain, having a place where women could gather and share the stories that thread us together.

In the last 20 years we have done just that! Frox has given me the opportunity experience the fashion industry, travel and meet people around the world and even write a book about my journey in life and fashion.

My love of fashion started early with memories of my Nanny who was an “influencer" before the phrase was coined. She would light up a room strutting in like it was a New York runway, self confidence oozed from her. This is where I first learned the power clothing. Understanding the fit, drape and silhouettes that accentuate each unique body shape, is the key to building your perfect wardrobe. It is something I teach in the store, on my book tour and my many podcast appearances.

As the retail landscape is ever changing and going more digital we offer many fun and exciting ways to shop from an in store experience and events, LIVE sales, website and mobile app.

It is always a party at Frox and it feels like you are shopping with a friend because you are!

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